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So Music is the food for the soul -yes? Ama it’s food? Anyway there goes my effort at starting this post with a solid quote – bah!

Music, I like it. Dancing, I like it very much too!

So I was thinking back like hmmm when is the last time I had a chance to dance to music I enjoy very much, with a dude that I’m liking (please note tense – meant to emphasize an in the moment type of thing) and plus me and said dude have got good dancing skills so ‘tuna ambatana’ – you know rhythmically like when he dips I follow or that we swaying in tandem nicely…… It’s been a while since I did something like this.

Yenyewe there have been a couple of dancing with a dude times but perhaps I should add – sober…….soberish to my list. Most of my last dancecapades have been when I was quite uhmmm what’s the word – inebriated! So I can’t place/remember the dancing in detail and I think I miss that or want that.

To be able to dance to some nice music, EDM, grindeable music, slow just cuddle music etc etc Heee kwanza all my past dance episodes have been grinding ama EDM types lakini no cuddle, hold close types…hmmmm I need to broaden my horizon.

What about you, anyone out there with dance preferences, experiences and tips on getting my self my ideal combo above (remember it’s soberish)

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